Mortgage Refinancing: Helping an Ashgrove family get a better than market rate interest rate

Client Case Study | 9 Feb, 2023

Late last year we were contacted by a family who were looking to get a better interest rate on their current mortgage. In 2020 they had done an extensive renovation on their family home in Ashgrove to accommodate their three growing children. This left them with a fairly sizeable mortgage to service.

While they weren’t struggling to make their home loan payments, they had read our article on home loan health checks. They felt confident they were leaving some money on the table. With rising interest rates and cost of living increases they thought it was a great time to get in touch to see if we could get them a better deal than their current mortgage provider.

Mortgage Refinancing – Finding the Best Home Loan

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Contacting us for a home loan health check was an excellent move. We were able to review the family’s current loan and interest rate, as well as their own unique situation. As a two-income family they were in a great position to seek financing from a number of lenders. However, one of those incomes was from a self-employed business. And one parent was also a citizen of the United States.

Of course, helping the self-employed and expatriates with home loans and mortgage refinancing are two of our niche areas of expertise. And we were thrilled to help.

Negotiating a Better Interest Rate for a Mortgage Refinance

After researching the best lenders and loan products for the family we reached out to the lenders that we are accredited with. We were then able to provide our Ashgrove family with a customised Credit Proposal Report. In this report we compared the best five alternative lenders, and gave the family recommendation of the one we felt offered them the most competitive overall package.

Ultimately, our ability to negotiate a lower concessional rate, plus a cash back offering, made this the best deal for our clients. And the overall package provided a good savings for our clients compared to the incumbent lender. Needless to say, they were thrilled with the results, saying:

‘Gayle and her team made the process smooth and painless. While there is always paperwork to do, we were pleasantly surprised by how easy Gayle made this. She was even able to work with our bookkeeper to get the documentation she needed for our self-employed business. And we were, of course, thrilled by the results which Gayle negotiated for on our behalf. We’re in a stronger financial position than ever with her help.’

How Mortgage Refinancing Can Help You

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As a Brisbane mortgage broker, our job is to help you get the best loan product for your unique situations. Whether you have a traditional employee role or are self-employed, whether you have two incomes or one, we can help you find an excellent refinancing option. We have your best interests at heart and will go to bat for you with your potential lenders to ensure you’re getting the best (or better than the best!) interest rates on offer.

If you haven’t had a home loan health check in the last year or two, get in touch. We’d love to help you get a better deal and help you achieve your long-term financial goals in the process.

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