Cultivate the right channels in commercial real estate investment.

The taller a tree the deeper its roots

Branching out as a business? The decision to seek out a commercial loan often arises out of a desire to build your enterprise. Perhaps you want to stop leasing premises and buy your own? Or, you’re looking to develop your Ecommerce operation into a physical shopfront?

Businesses that take the right initiatives in expanding their scope generally experience improved revenue, retain relevance and outperform their competitors. In seeking to grow, it’s important to be realistic in setting appropriate parameters. Consider not only fit-out and set-up costs, but also projected upfront expenses.

Commercial property ownership allows you to reap the rewards of capital growth and security of tenure. The terrain is always associated with elements of risk and added responsibility. That’s why it’s crucial to refer to expert advice. This frees up your attention and energy – better allocated to taking care of the ‘bread-and-butter’ of your business moving forward.

image of a small corner shopfront in a suburban area with porch out front and trees in red pots for commercial property financing

image of a large empty warehouse with shiny cement floors

Breaking new ground without losing your grip

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a master at Monopoly? A commercial real estate portfolio could be closer than you think. Stapleton Finance can help you to manoeuvre confidently within the sector through expert commercial property investment strategy. Much like the iconic board game, getting anywhere in this niche is about making the right moves. Investment in commercial property vs residential equals higher stakes but far more lucrative returns.

Stapleton Finance helps empower your investment in commercial property:

  • Source all your commercial property financing options, including those which you might not have considered previously, e.g. using existing home equity.
  • Mitigate the risks and take advantage of associated benefits in commercial property investment.
  • Consider how you can use a commercial asset as part of your SMSF investment strategy.



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We selected Gayle because of her detailed knowledge and experience with how banks perceive funding opportunities and associated risk. With Gayle’s up- to date market knowledge we were able to identify the most appropriate bank for our needs... read more

- Jim Young (Developer)
Eton Reef Developments

Gayle’s understanding of the financial institutions in both Australia and Vanuatu provided me with a transaction which was completed on time, and in a worry-free fashion. Her network of contacts in both countries was a further bonus, in providing me with introductions to both the accounting and legal fraternities... read more

- Brad Gray, Aore Island Resort.