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Breathe new life into your business with working capital finance.

Resuscitate your cash flow

Working capital refers to the funds used by businesses to facilitate everyday operations, i.e. cash flow. Problems with achieving a surplus stream of revenue may arise at any point but are typically associated with a growth phase. Therefore, cash flow challenges are just a part of the territory in expanding your business. Being overly cautious on this account would only serve to counter your biggest goals.

Short-term sources of working capital finance typically include bank overdrafts, invoice discounting, instalment credits and even advancements from customers (in this case a liability account is used to record an amount received from a customer before goods have been shipped or services rendered). This can be confusing and sometimes even a little scary. It’s a relief to know that there are other viable options available.

A working capital loan is often your best long-term solution in reinstating cash flow. The funds you need to support your business will be paid back in regular instalments, partial payments or an annuity. There’s the additional matter of qualifying for an unsecured or secured loan (where the borrower’s property is used as collateral). Therefore, the process of applying for a working capital loan should always be undertaken with professional guidance.

It takes money to make money

It’s well-known that effective working capital management is key to running a successful business. It allows for the perfect balance between growth, profitability and liquidity. A working capital loan is often just what you need to keep your business running. That’s no trivial matter. It’s most certainly a responsibility that should be left to the experts. Stapleton Finance is here to help.

Let Stapleton Finance help boost your business with renewed capital:

  • Consider a working capital finance loan.
  • Find tried and trusted options to boost cash flow.
  • Benefit from regular reviews to ensure your financial plan guides your cash flow requirements.

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