SMSF Lending

SMSF lending for wealth creation that goes beyond a nest-egg.

The future is in your hands and it looks Super

SMSFs allow you to inject your Super into assets, for example, investment properties. This generates a substantial income stream from rental returns, to be allocated back to your loan during your pre-retirement years. This can allow you to pay-off property much sooner than you might have expected.

Another form of SMSF investment strategy entails buying commercial property to lease back through your business. Stapleton Finance help their clients to successfully navigate the convoluted criteria in applying for SMSF loans.

Self-care for your finances

With SMSF property lending you can generate surplus cash flow. Keep in mind that taking this path allows you to retain equity – an ace-up-your-sleeve in starting future business endeavours. You will essentially be paying rent to your future self. Why pay into a traditional Super fund when you can invest in you?

Trust Stapleton Finance to work with your advisers and help guide the implementation of your SMSF investment strategy.

  • General education on SMSF investment strategy.
  • Help with navigating criteria in SMSF lending.
  • We communicate with your SMSF advisers.

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