First Home Buyers Client Case Study

Client Case Study | 18 May, 2021

Meet Jas & George – First Time Home Buyers

Jas and George met five years ago in Sydney while George, a railway engineer from Swindon, UK, was working in Canberra and Jas, a medical administrator, was working locally. There was something special there so they decided to try to make it work despite the long distance. Eventually, they decided it was worth committing to the same location, so George packed up and moved in with Jas in her father’s Annandale garage conversion.

Three-and-a-half years ago Jas and George decided they wanted the beautiful weather and easy lifestyle of Brisbane and moved into a rental in Hamilton. And a year-and-a-half after that, they tied the knot!

The Property Journey

Neither Jas nor George had previously owned any property in Australia. George had only emigrated to Australia 10 years ago, and both of them had moved to Queensland since beginning their life together. They’d also spent the early days of their relationship living ‘high on the hog’ – enjoying each other and life generally. This created a lot of good memories, but when it came time to organise financing for their first home, they realised they were carrying too much personal debt.

Jas and George put their heads down to start clearing debt and saving for their down payment as quickly as they could, but they still needed help. That’s when Jas’ employer recommended Gayle from Stapleton Finance.

Working With the Stapleton Finance Team

From their very first Zoom meeting, Jas and George felt really positive about the entire Stapleton Finance experience. As a first step, Gayle assessed their specific situation and gave them some options towards their goal of home ownership. Her experience bolstered their own as they were completely new to the property financing scene.

Gayle made them feel very comfortable and at ease. George says, ‘We were complete novices. Gayle was always happy to answer our questions and hold our hands every step of the way. Far beyond what could be expected’.

‘We essentially knew nothing about any aspects of finance or the home purchasing process. Gayle was able to guide us as we progressed through each stage.’


To help them achieve their goal of home ownership, Gayle focused on sourcing a home loan lender that had a dedicated package for first home buyers. She also looked for one that understood Jas and George’s goals and their achievement in paying down personal debt. In the end, we achieved a competitive fixed-rate home loan package with 100% offset account which will allow Jas and George to settle into their first three years of home ownership.

With Gayle and the Stapleton Finance team’s help, Jas and George achieved their goal of owning a home. They purchased a well-located townhouse in Carina Heights in April of this year, and are now busy unpacking boxes and getting settled in their new home.

George says, ‘If it weren’t for Gayle, we’d still just be saving and paying down debt. Gayle certainly accelerated our progression to home ownership’.

For her part, Gayle loved working with such motivated and committed buyers (and a lovely couple to boot). She says, ‘Jas & George are a testament as to what can be achieved from goal-setting, discipline and regular check-ins to remain focused on the end prize. Congratulations Jas and George.’


  • First Home Buyers
  • Personal debt factors to consider
  • Targeted home loan lender with a dedicated first home buyer package
  • Competitive fixed-rate home loan package with 100% offset account


If you’d like our help getting you into your first home, get in touch.

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